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Welcome! Please plan to visit First Presbyterian Church soon! Sunday School for all ages is held from 9:15a.m.-10:15a.m. Childcare (Infants-Age 4) is provided during our traditional 10:30a.m. Worship Service. Children (Kindergarten-Grade 3) participate in A Time for Young Disciples before departing the Sanctuary for Children's Church in the Chapel.

Our Worship and Music Ministry provides a variety of worship experiences that joyfully praise God through music and prayer, word and sacrament, which respect differences in Biblical interpretation consistent with our Reformed tradition.
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Sunday, July 27

Join us Sunday, July 27 as we celebrate Christmas in July! Our mission will benefit Barium Springs Home for Children. In addition to receiving a designated offering as an act of worship, the following tangible items are being received in the Administrative Wing and the Sanctuary Narthex: paper towels; toilet paper; Kleenex (box or purse
packs); disinfecting wipes; individually wrapped unscented hand wipes; hand soap and sanitizer; ziploc baggies (all sizes); disposable plastic food containers; feminine hygiene products; toothbrushes and toothpaste; dental floss; deodorant; hair brushes and combs; shampoo; bath soap and body wash; band aids; antibiotic ointment; chapstick.

Casavant Organ Restoration

Our beautiful Casavant Organ, which was built in 1961, is being completely restored. Over the next five months more than 3,000 pipes will be removed and cleaned, more than 6,000 keying pneumatic mechanisms will be releathered, expression shutters retrofitted with solid-state swell engines, and the console control system updated with the most sophisticated technology.  The organ was a gift of the late Mary Sexton Smyre & Elmer Templeton. It is valued at $1.2M today. Craftsmen arrived the week of May 4 to begin the labor intensive process.

Sunday Vespers

Join us Sunday evenings, 5:30 p.m., in the Chapel for a quiet reflective prayer service including the Sacrament of Holy Communion.

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First Presbyterian Church is located at 1621 E. Garrison Boulevard. Click the Google Map link below for directions.