Pastoral staff followed by an alphabetical listing of other staff by last name:
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​Bachelor of Arts - Davidson College
Master of Divinity - Union Theological Seminary
Doctor of Ministry - Columbia Theological                                                                        Seminary

​Bachelor of Arts - Greensboro College
Master of Divinity - Princeton Theological                                                                      Seminary

​Pembroke State College (UNCP)
School of Laity, Presbytery of Western NC
Commissioned Lay Pastor-
Union Seminary (Charlotte), Academy of                                                  Reformed Theology

Chaplin of The South Atlantic Shrine Association
Past Chaplin of Shriner's International & of Oasis Shriners in Charlotte

​Bachelor of Science, Biology - Wake Forest                                                                University
Masters of Divinity  - Wake Forest Divinity                                                                       School
Masters of Business Administration - University                                                of North Carolina at Charlotte

Bachelor of Arts, Music Education - University of                                               North Carolina at Greensboro
Masters in Music - University of Mississippi

Bachelor of Science - University of North                                                                 Carolina at Greensboro
Masters of Nursing- University of North Carolina                                                                                            at Chapel Hill

Bachelor of Science - Shenandoah University

​Masters of Arts in Christian Education -    
          Union Presbyterian Seminary, Charlotte

Bachelor of Science - Saint Joseph College

Bachelor of Science - NC State University 

Associate of Science - Gaston College

Bachelor of Science - Meredith College

Masters of Business - Appalachian State                                                                              University

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-                                                  Appalachian State University

Bachelor of Science - Appalachian State Univ.
Masters of Education Admin - Appalachian                                                              State University
Doctorate of Education - University of                                                               South Carolina